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Sup -Windsurf Bamboo Eψilon 9’6”

– Length: 9’6” (290 cm)
– Width: 32” (81.28cm)
– Thickness: 4.5” (11.5cm)
– Volume: 170L


Suitable number of people : 1
Load capacity: up to 110 kg
Size: (L / W / H in cm): 312 x 805
Weight (without paddle): 8.50 kg
Four handles , making it easier to transport
2-fin system for extra stability.

PVC double wall construction


Suitable number of people : 2
Load capacity: up to 180 kg
Size: (L / W in cm): 412 x 80
Weight (without paddle): 11.50 kg
Four handles , making it easier to transport
2-fin system for extra stability.

PVC double wall construction


Suitable number of people : 1
Volume: 280 liters
Load capacity: up to 110 kg
Size: (L / W / H in cm): 300 x 81 x 15
Weight (without paddle): 7.45 kg
Three handles , making it easier to transport
2-layer PVC double wall construction
1-layer drop stitch ULTRA layer technology

4 D-rings for a kayak seat

Sup -Windsurf Bamboo Alfa 10’6”

Liters 200L

Lenght 10’6” (320 cm)

Πλάτος 32” (81.28cm)

Thikness 4.5” (11.5cm)

Weight 12,2 kg

1 central US fin και 2 side thrusters


Length: 297 cm. (9’9’’)
Πλάτος: 76 cm. (30”)
Thikness: 13 cm. (5”)
Board weight: 10.7 kg
Μax Load: 110 kg
Liters: 210 L
Fin: 1 central
EVA anti-slip pad ‘crocodile skin with extra EVA kick pad tail
4 D-rings for kayak seat

SOFT TOP 10.2ft

Litres 185 L

Lenght 10’2 (310cm)

Wideness 31″ (79 cm)

Thikness 4,9″ (12.5 cm)

Board weight 12 kg

OMEGA SCK 10.08" sup - windsurf

Litres 278L
Fins 2
Thiknesss 6’’ (15cm)
Max load 155 kg
Lenght 10.8″  (325cm)

wideness 34’’ (86cm)
Board weight 13kg

4 D rings for Kayak seat

AIR RIDE 10.6"

Length 10.6

Wideness 32″

Thikness 6″

Max load 155 kg


Extra Equipment for Kayak

Seat + paddle to transform, the board from sup to kayak
Sup boats everything you need to know about.

Sup boats everything you need to know about.

Plank shape Like all boats, Sup boards are considered boats and are divided into two categories based on their hull or otherwise their belly or hull. The first boards are those with a planinghull hull and the second ones with a displacementhull hull, conditions that if you are dealing with inflatable boats you will have heard of. They named them…

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For a SUP-PADDLE RENTAL the client must be over 21 years old. You must have a credit card for the rental.

The use of alcohol and toxic substances by the operator of the vessel is prohibited.

The lessee receives the rescue means and assumes all responsibility towards the Port Authority.

It is forbidden to move further than 500 meters from the beaches.

The client is liable to the BIKE THE WAY COMPANY for any material damage to the SUP-PADDLE and is obliged to steer the vessel in person and assume all obligations for its management

Weather conditions

On the day of renting the boat, if the wind speed exceeds 4 Beaufort and the Port Authorities do not allow it, it will be impossible to rent


Upon arrival at the designated point of receipt of the boat you will be asked to sign all the necessary documents for renting the boat, as well as to settle any financial issues. Upon receipt, a detailed demonstration of the boat and the equipment is made, while the declaration of acceptance of the boat and a list of the equipment it carries are given for signing. Detailed information on safety procedures is also provided, and information is provided on the use of the boat and equipment. If the lessee during the demonstration of the handling of the boat by the lessor is not considered competent for the safe handling of the boat and the passengers, then the lessor is automatically given the right to avoid renting. Upon receipt of the boat, the tenant will be given the Lease Lease Agreement which they will have to check and sign.

This Lease Agreement presents all the services / insurances provided as well as any of the additional services / insurances desired by the tenant, with the corresponding charges. It is very important when picking up the tenant to check the boat and report

any damage already exists on it to avoid charging damage from a previous rental. The tenant will be asked to sign on receipt and return of the boat a document proving any existing damage to the boat.

When Renting a Boat

If during the operation of the boat any material damage is caused to it through the fault of the lessee, then the lessee is charged for the cost of repairing it.

Delivery of SUP-PADDLE from BIKE THE WAY.

Check that the boat has no damages. Inform the company representative of any losses not mentioned in the lease agreement immediately. Make sure there is a signature on the damage before boarding the boat.

Make sure all the required equipment is included. Check the equipment to make sure it meets the requirements. In case of any problems, please report it to the dealer.

Check the route of your trip. Check your equipment to make sure it adequately meets your needs. In case of any problems, please report them to your dealer for advice.

Upon return of the boat to the agency

Inspect the boat for damage. In case of damage, be sure to report it to the supplier’s representative. Do not hesitate to ask about any required charges and ask for a written description of these charges.

SUP-PADDLE charged damages due to the tenant’s fault.

Total loss SUP-PADDLE = 600 €

Loss-paddle or break = 50 €

Loss of rescue equipment = 50 €

Make sure the representative from BIKE THE WAY has stamp the delivery of the boat from you.